Call for papers

CEESD 2024 conference is the premier interdisciplinary forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development. The conference will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain of interest from around the world.
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  • Advanced physical and chemical treatment for water and wastewater
  • Physio-chemical and bioremediation of hazardous substances in soils
  • Biofuels generation from waste treatment
  • Photocatalytic degradation of emerging pollutants
  • Groundwater remediation and management
  • Process modelling and development
  • Hazardous substances risk assessment
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Nanotechnology for environmental applications
  • Regulatory practice, water quality objectives & standard setting, water quality classification

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline:
June 05, 2024 (First Round)
Aug. 05, 2024 (Second Round)
Notification of Acceptance:
July 05, 2024 (First Round)
Sept.05, 2024 (Second Round)
Registration deadline:
Aug. 05, 2024 (First Round)
Oct. 05, 2024 (Second Round)

Fast submission

1, The manuscript should be written in accordance with the standard of template.
2, Only English Manuscript is acceptable.
3, Plagiarism is prohibited.

Any questions about conference, please contact:
This guideline has been drafted for several reasons and based on typical errors researchers make when drafting conference papers. First, unless told how do you know the standard and style expected, not just layout and spacing’s of the paper. Secondly, why put effort into doing something if it will need changing and finally it will help you with all other papers you write. Finally, reviewers keep seeing the same errors and may reject an otherwise suitable paper.

Useful Files

The following forms and information are available for downloading: